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Stem Cells & Cord Blood
Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood donation surge as hospital launch public collection programs  "Some 200 hospitals now supply 20 U.S. public cord blood banks that are part of the NMDP network, according to Mary Halet, manager for cord blood operations at the agency’s cord blood coordinating center." "Last year, the NMDP helped supply nearly 1,200 transplants from cord blood units, up from 1,000 in 2009, for a total of 6,000 since the program began in 2000. Overall, the number of available cord blood units climbed 14 percent in 2011, with greater increases expected as more hospitals sign on." “This is a good cause,” explained Dr. Rajni Agarwal, a bone marrow transplant specialist at Packard. “When you talk about a product that is going to be discarded and could be used in saving someone’s life, there’s a very good response"

Giuliana Rancic Calls Cord Blood Banking “So Important” - "E! News host Giuliana Rancic is joining a growing number of celebrity moms who have decided to bank their baby’s cord blood. After suffering with infertility followed by a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, Giuliana and her husband Bill made the decision to store their child’s cord blood. The couple was given their blood banking kit during their baby shower and Giuliana tweeted about their decision, mentioning her sister Monica who also did cord blood banking".

Cord Blood: How should Australia bank this precious source of stem ... "Cord Blood: How should Australia bank this precious source of stem cells?, published in The Melbourne Review, August 2012 issue. Available here: ..."

Cord Blood Banking - "Cord Blood Banking is a way you can protect your children or family if needed."

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