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SituGen's novel device for Stem Cells collection utilizes patented, unique user-Interface design for optimizing the collection of Cord Blood thus maximizing the volume & number of Stem Cells extracted.

's device is a sterile, safe, easy to use, disposable device. 

SituGen's device breaks several barriers that limited the industry for a long time:
  • For the first time it is possible to collect enough Stem Cells during birth, allowing full Hematological transplant.
  • The device ease-of-use minimizing the dependence on the collector's skill and ensures fast adoption by hospital staff collectors. 

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SituGen - A New Era in CBSC Collection
SituGen Device enables the extraction of more Stem Cells, being searched since the 1st. Cord Blood Stem Cells Transplant in 1988.
SituGen almost doubles the collected number of Stem Cells, in a sterile, needle-free safe device.
The SituGen Device & SituKit are provided in an all-inclusive, sterile, Collection kit suitable for section rooms.
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