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Active Collection



·     While Cord Blood (CB) collection by using the common Blood Collection Bag, the collection is being performed by a needle which is inserted into the cordial vein, enabling relatively slow gravitational flow of the CB to the bag.


·    The rather fast CB Coagulation process, as well as the relatively slow collection process, prevents substantial portion of the CB volume from being collected. That is the cause small units, more precisely small Stem Cells number which are suitable only for Hematological transplanting to children (The average collection of this method is 840 Million Stem Cells per sample, enabling transplanting only for patients who weigh up to 27Kg.)


·     While using the common Collection Bag, it is impossible to accelerate the CB flow, in order to prevent its Coagulation prior to collection process conclusion, as opposed to the optional method of manually “milking” the cord, a method that causes leakage of the CB between the needle and the Cord Tissue, due to the internal pressure within the cordial vein.


·     By using the SituGen’s active collection bag, which includes a unique manual suction pump (Patent Pending), the pump produces vacuum within the vein itself, and the vacuum accelerates the CB flow via the needle only, (and not outside the needle), significantly increasing the CB volume and quantity of collected Stem Cells.


·    The Active CB Bag is also a partial element (absolute 33%) of the SituGen CB collection system, enabling average collection of 81% more Stem Cells, compared to the collection using the common bag.


Bacteriologic filter

0.2 micron air filter (less than any bacteria or fungus), enabling the CB collector controlling the blood flow rate, as well as extraction of all the available CB volume from the tube during the conclusion of the collection phase, and maintaining the collection fully aseptic as required.




Vacuum pump

A unique Blood Pump with no-return valve for one-directional flow, enabling the vacuum within the Umbilical Cord and the Placenta, in order to accelerate collection, and freeing blood clots which prevent free blood flow.

The pump enables additional collection efficiency, around 33% absolute, included in the 81% additional quantity of the SituGen collection kit.

Explanation of the biomechanics of the Active Collection

Creation of positive pressure (push) within the Cord Blood vein, by milking the Umbilical Cord


·    Creation of pressure on the blood volume within the Cord vein is pushing the blood volume.

·    The pressure created exceeds the collection needle maximum blood flow rate.

·    Blood escapes from between the needle and the cord tissue (vein collapse process).

Creation of negative pressure (vacuum) within the Collection Bag, using the unique Blood Pump


·    Creation of vacuum within the blood flow path.

·    Causing accelerated suction of blood via the Collection Needle.

·    Freeing the blood flow path from clots which has been formed within.


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